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Flatline - Cassia Brightmore Rebecca's 5 Star Review
There has to be a book 3!

OMG!!! This book is just Wow! As the characters continue to develop I am in awe! There has to be a book three that ending blew my mind. It keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. But leaves a lot left to be done... Will he change his mind????

Bella Box Set Vol. 1-4

Bella Box Set Vol. 1-4 - Kimberly Blalock A really great series overall so far. I can't wait to continue reading Bella and Jax's adventure with the Famiglia. Acton packed, adventurous, murder, mayhem, that's abound and lots more! Definately held my attention. The characters are strong and a force to be reckoned with. It flowed well from chapter to chapter and written well enough to keep me intrigued. So many twists and turns, fast paced, and each series ends leaving you with a cliffhanger. Some greater than others! I thoroughly enjoyed each installment in the series. I can't wait to continue reading along to find out more of the story!

Escaping from Him

Escaping from Him - Liam Livings Becky's 4 Star Review
Young Darryl/Ford escapes his emotionally abusive, older boyfriend and starts a new life. In this new life, he finds great friends and new love. A story we've heard before, right. That said, Livings does an awesome job of painting a picture with his words and tells a beautiful story. The characters are very well written and I felt like I got to know these people, right along with young Ford. I couldn't put this one down as I found myself wondering if Callum was the "right" one for Ford, feeling sorry for poor Charlie's unrequited love, and loving everything that Gavin had to say! And I can't forget Lena with her broken English and sometimes inappropriate questions and observations. Livings writing style pulled me in deeper and deeper and I had a hard time not turning to the end ahead of time!


Relent - Nina  Levine Aubrey's 5 Star Review
I see Nina Levine's books all over facebook, blogs and Goodreads. I actually had bought the first 4 books in her Storm series in a bundles but had yet to start reading them. I started Relent and it was relentless how much I thought about this story. How I just needed to read faster and learn more about Kick and Evie. Their romance may have been a second chance romance but it had a twist. It was slightly different in that it was more like a third chance? Third time's a charm?
Kick is part of a MC called Storm. He is a bit stormy in that he has a lot of dark secrets that he just keeps down enough that they don't show but they are just above the surface and can cause a storm of epic proportions. One thing has never changed in his life though is that he has loved Evie Bishop for many years. They were only kids when they first started dating and he really feels that this is their time. But does Evie agree?
Evie has simply existed since the last time her and Kick broke up. She goes to work, check on her parents and repeat. She thinks about Kick all the time but can she deal with who he is? Evie is a pretty sweet character. She stands up to super alpha Kick like it is nothing. I really liked that about her.
I can't wait to read more from this author. She writes really great stories that have just enough story with a lot of sex added in for good measure. Relent was a great start to a new series. Characters were introduced that has me waiting for the rest of the books in the series.

Nicki Noel and the Curious Christmas Truck

Nicki Noel and the Curious Christmas Truck - L.M. Williams ***** Crystal's 5 Star Review *****
Let me just start out by saying that this books intended audience is 8-12 years old, but I absolutely enjoyed this charming Christmas tale.
Nicki has never seen the way the town would come to life when the giant Christmas tree was in the town square every year. For some reason, it hasn’t been there for the past eight years and you can see the difference in the townspeople because of it. The magic of Christmas has all but disappeared from town, but not from Nicki Noel. She absolutely loves Christmas. It’s one of her favorite things, besides trucks. I’m not talking pickup trucks either. She loves eighteen wheelers and in her mind is destined to drive them when she gets older.
Then one night, desperate for a babysitter, her mom calls some old friends to see if they could help out. They do and the adventure begins. Their next door neighbor has an eighteen wheeler in his front yard and even though she has been told not to go over, she does. What happens next is something that would even put the Grinch in the holiday spirit.
This is such a fun book! I absolutely loved it and so did my eight year old daughter. The writing is good and the book moves along at a great pace. I believe it’s absolutely perfect for someone in the 8 to 10 age range, but can be enjoyed by everyone, maybe even Oscar the Grouch. Great job LM Williams!!

High Interest: Book One (The Paragon Series)

High Interest: Book One (The Paragon Series) - Leigh James **** April's Review **** 5 Dreams and Screams
Silicon Valley's rougher than it looks Being a scientist gives Lauren Taylor a purpose in life. At twenty-five, she's the CEO of a billion-dollar biomedical company, Paragon Laboratories. On the brink of a major discovery, Lauren lets nothing interfere with her work. The only thing she's not prepared for? Her overwhelming attraction to Gabriel Betts, the gorgeous and brilliant CEO of another Silicon Valley startup.

Billionaire Gabriel Betts is a successful scientist in his own right. He's made his way in the world by being an early adopter and never losing focus. Captivated by Lauren's brilliance and unselfconscious beauty, he's determined to win the reclusive female CEO over.

But what neither Gabe nor Lauren expect is the white-collar danger that's lurking in Silicon Valley... The danger that threatens not only their companies, but their very existence.

Loved everything about this book. The suspense left me guessing on what was going to happen next. Loved Lauren and Gabe. It like the two of them were meant to be. I really couldn't stand Clive. Can't wait to see what happens next. If you don't like cliffhangers then this book isn't for you? Thanks Netgalley for giving me the opportunity of reading this book.

Jingle Spells (CyberWitch Press Short Fiction Anthologies Book 1)

Jingle Spells (CyberWitch Press Short Fiction Anthologies Book 1) - Heather Marie Adkins, Jennifer Laslie, Sammi Cox, Sidonia Rose, Brittany White, K. Laslie Crystal's 5 Star Review
What’s not to love about 6 short reads about the Yule Season. Most of these were new to me authors and I can’t wait to read more by them. At only 182 pages, it’s a quick enjoyable read. If you love reading about magick, witches, elementals, etc. you will enjoy these stories and hopefully become fans of these authors. Check this anthology out today!


Taunt - Eve Dangerfield Rebecca's Review
Spoiler Alert!

Unless 3 HOTT special forces who might be willing to share sounds really exciting this might not be the book for you... I personally think that it was amazing! I really like a story about characters who aren't perfect and deal with inner conflict. This book takes you on a journey you get a chance to connect to each of the main characters. The end of the world concept is really more of a setting/plot spring board that just makes you remember to live in the moment. It was not what I thought it was going to be. Some of the things I thought were going to be more central to the story ended up being more in the background but it didn't take away from the story in anyway. I am looking forward to reading the next book.

The Secret People: Parish-Pump Witchcraft, Wise-Women and Cunning Ways

The Secret People: Parish-Pump Witchcraft, Wise-Women and Cunning Ways - Melusine Draco Crystal's 4 Star Review
Wonderful book to have on hand for any Pagan interested in some of the history of "wise women" or "cunning folk", basically anyone who used natural resources in the past. Basically, those who were eventually called Witches. I liked the fact that it stayed middle of the road as far as paganism goes and didn't lean towards any one belief system.

As a Wiccan myself, I liked the different used for the herbs, both medicinal and not. My herblore is sadly lacking and this will help. I also enjoyed the charms and spells that were provided, I am definitely adding some of these to my BOS

The reason for the 4-star review is simple. Even though I am pagan, I still have to use pharmaceutical products for my health and I felt that the author was on the side of an all-natural approach. While I wish that I could to that, it is not to be and I feel that maybe she should have left this more middle of the road instead of being anti-pharmaceutical.
This book was received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


CHRISTMAS ON THE STRAND - Loretta Wheeler ***** Crystal's 5 Star Review *****

Savanna Burke heads to Galveston Island, TX for a meeting/date with Terrance Whittaker, Galveston’s well known psychic, whom she met on a dating website. Coming with her is a wind storm she refers to as a “Male Gale”. Making her grand entrance at the Winter Ball, she captured many hearts with her beauty, but the only one she is concerned about is Terrance.
This is the prequel to a series of stories called Southern Breezes. It was an enjoyable, quick HEA, but it could have used a bit more development, it felt rushed in spots.

Christmas Candy

Christmas Candy - Samantha Jacobey I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this!! This is the story of two individuals with nothing in common. Candy is a single mother trying to raise her son, even through all the setbacks she’s had over the years and Gary is the kind of guy that lives fast and plays hard, you know the old standard, “Love them and leave them” type. I couldn’t believe that these two complete opposites came together and made such a wonderful story. I absolutely loved it! Samantha Jacobey has a way of writing that leaves you wanting more. You become addicted to her words. The best kind of addiction in my opinion. Definitely well worth 5 stars!!

Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris I've been sitting here, mulling over this book. Just not sure that it lives up to the hype, but then what really does. I was expecting it to be more. More chilling, more of a thriller. I couldn't stop reading, I don't know, maybe I was hoping that the further I got into it, it would become more of what I was hearing about with this book. It just didn't happen for me.
Jack Angel seems to have it all. Perfect home, perfect wife, perfect life. But is it really perfect? He is so not the perfect man that everyone thinks he is. Only two people know the truth, Grace, and Millie. When Jack approaches the sisters one day in the park, no one could have guessed that within six months Jack and Grace would be wed and making plans to have Millie move into their home.
Only after the wedding does Grace truly find out what kind of man she married. She now has to figure out how to stop him, or get away before Millie turns 18 and moves in with the couple. One day, Millie comes up with a plan to stop Jack and a desperate Grace decides it's the only thing that she can do.
For me, the book is way too far fetched. I mean, Millie is the one to come up with the idea, and supply the necessary product to help Grace. At the end, Grace gets support from an unsuspecting ally, her new neighbor Esther. Esther seems to have seen through the facade and with a few spoken missteps by Jack, and a conversation with Millie, she figured out what was going on.
The book is well written and I hope that with time, Ms. Paris's books won't be given so much hype, but allowed to speak for themselves. I think all the hype and hoopla might have done more harm than good in this instance. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

Kentucky Blues (A Heart Stings Love Affair, #1)

Kentucky Blues  (A Heart Stings Love Affair, #1) - J.  Haney Unconventional but heartwarming

Kentucky Blues is out of the box but in the best way. High School can be hard for those less popular but it really sucks when you dont get support at home either. This is a story about a group of unlikely friends supporting each other while dealing with bully's at school and at home. Throw in some twisted love stories and a loner with a power packed punch and it makes for a really good book. Definitely a must read!

Walls of Ainsley

Walls of Ainsley - S.J. Lynn If you are a fan of suspense, then I recommend you check out this book. Scarlett, a young journalism graduate has been fascinated with the story of the Ainsley’s and their orphanage ever since she first read about the tragedy that happened there. Her journalist radar was triggered and she felt there was more to the story. After graduating, she travels from San Fransisco, California to Surrey, England and somehow winds up staying at the scene of the crime. While there she meets Brigham Ainsley, though at first, she doesn’t know. Brigham is the son and sole survivor of the events that happened there. He is a broken, shell of a man with a lot of issues. When she finally learns the truth, she doesn’t do what everyone it telling her too (leave), she stays and ends up falling in love with Brigham.
I couldn’t stop reading. This book drew me in and kept me locked inside. I had to know more about Brigham’s past. I needed to know if he would be able to finally heal. I wanted to see him whole. I still don’t have that answer. I do need to say that this book ends on a cliffhanger and I was not happy about that, I wanted all the answers. Now, to wait for the next book. Ms. Lynn is a new to me author, so I will be checking out her other work as well.

The Eleventh Hour (Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 1)

The Eleventh Hour (Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 1) - Anina Collins First book in a series and I will definitely be reading more. It came across a little formulaic in that the small town journalist solves the case before the police. But, it is still an enjoyable read with some good characters. Geneva Woodward is found strangled in her home and when Poppy and her friend Derek, the police detective talk about the case, they decide to place a bet to see who can solve the case first. Yes, we know that won’t happen in real life, but this is a work of fiction and it’s entertaining.
The dynamic between Alex, the former Police Officer and Poppy is good, making for an enjoyable read that you don’t really want to put down. When secrets are uncovered and the killer is revealed, you get a sense that their little community can heal and move forward, at least until the next crime and Poppy can use her investigative skills again.
The writing is good, a little long at times when it comes to conversations between Alex and Poppy, but not so long that you want to skip scenes. There were no issues with editing or proofreading, making this book an enjoyable mystery with a small element of romance.

Wrath of the King (Tales of Dovewood #2)

Wrath of the King (Tales of Dovewood #2) - Anna B. Madrise I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. This is the second book in the series and starts off where the first one ends. You definitely need to read the first book before you start this one.
Mundane Bergamot is now Umadenn, the Hobgoblin Queen. She is living with the Hobgoblins in Boggleann and is working hard on getting the hobgoblins in order because she knows it won’t be long before King Vezzen from New Taleggia attacks. He’s not alone, Javen’s brother Lorcan is now helping him. Lorcan knows that the only way to gain ultimate power is to work with King Vezzen.
King Vezzen’s son, Prince Stelvin and his wife, Queen Sora, realize that they must do what they can to stop King Vezzen and Lorcan before it’s too late.
This book had some slow parts, while building up to the final battle. Still a good YA adventure book. I can’t wait for my 8-year old daughter to be old enough to read them. I’m waiting to see what comes next from the mind of Ms. Madrise