Blissful Valentine: A Novella

Blissful Valentine: A Novella - Amy L. Gale Crystal's 5 Star Review
At her first frat party since she was in High School, Lexie runs into Dean, literally, spilling her drink all over herself. Later, grabbing a different drink, one marked “Virgin”, she meets up with him again and this time he comes to her rescue. Turns out that her drink isn’t a virgin drink, but one that makes girls act like virgins. In other words, it had been spiked.
Dean decides that from now on, they will be each other’s wingman and the two form a fast friendship. Lexie is concerned, mainly because she doesn’t want to fall for him and that she doesn’t want to fall in that old cliché about sleeping with a frat guy. Besides, what if he finds someone, then where would she be.
This is a really cute, quick story, just in time for all the romance that surrounds Valentine’s Day. Their relationship does not progress into an insta-love and for that I am grateful. I definitely recommend this book.