Cutter: A Fight or Flight Novel

Cutter: A Fight or Flight Novel - Ashley Suzanne Ann's 3 Star Review
I read Cutter without reading Raven, Book 1 in the A Fight or Flight Series. Usually I don’t read book in a series unless I’ve read them all. However, I was told this one didn’t need to be read in order so I gave it a shot. I’m new to Ashley Suzanne though I will try another book, I probably won’t read anymore from this series. Cutter is such a good and very forgiving man. He puts up with a lot more than I ever could. Jo is selfish, self-centered and not very likable in my opinion. Honestly Jo is the main reason I didn’t enjoy the book. Story was good just not for me. Not everyone will like every book they will read so I will of course try Ashley again.