Bryce - Nana Malone Crystal's 5 Star Review
Bryce Coulter is one of the biggest stars on the tennis circuit. At least until he’s injured. His overbearing family won’t leave him alone about when he can return, even going so far as to contact his therapist and such for updates. When it all came to a head for him one day, he takes off walking. Coming across a tennis court on the not so good side of town, he sees a woman practicing by herself. Recognizing talent, he goes in to talk to her. Tami Ivey has had a rough day at work, which is normal. She works for one of the biggest sporting goods chains and has to deal with insufferable idiots who expect everything to be handed to them. Trying to let off steam on the court, she is interrupted by Bryce. After a brief chat, they go their different ways (thanks to his sister and her best friend). Tami hopes not to see him again and Bryce can’t wait to find her again.
This is such a well-written book. I couldn’t put it down. I was swiping so fast, my boyfriend wanted to know what was going on. When I told him it was an amazing book, he just nodded (so not a bookish person). I needed to know if this was going to be an HEA. I needed it to be for some reason and I’m not one to need things like that. Great job Ms. Malone. You have a new fan because of your writing style and characters. I can’t wait to read what’s next.