Teacher - Ella Emerson, Heather Dahlgren Ann's 4 Star Review
"...I couldn't wait to see Trish again. Was it wrong, f@#k yes, it was. Everything that happened from the moment I met her was, but I was starting to be alright with that."

I finished this book last night. While reading it, my mind went through so many thoughts. On one hand as a mother I had my issues with the student/teacher relationship, because honestly I’d cut someone’s nuts off had it been my daughter. LOL! However, when I took that factor away and just read the story for what it was which is a romance I loved it. It really is an amazing story! Everyone and I mean everyone will take this story differently. This story is told in Dual POV, your main two being Trish Tess and Levi Wild. Both POVs are needed for you to understand the story the best way possible.

“She is not supposed to fantasize about her teacher… but that’s all she finds herself doing late at night.”

Trish Tess in an eighteen-year-old senior, excited to get through this year and head off to New York to study fashion. Get out of her small Georgia town. Her father has other plans for her, which she doesn’t agree with at all. She forms a plan to get his attention even if it may be some drastic.

"I wanted to be with her, protect her, make her mine."

Levi Wild is new to town, here for a job he always wanted. Teaching English. How could he know the beautiful woman he helped in the coffee shop was actually an eighteen-year-old girl in his English class. Now he has to try and keep his distance to keep his job.

“I felt desired, sexy, and protected.”

Levi and Trish were attracted to each other right off the bat, so classroom time is going to be awkward. And boy was it ever. Levi is trying to teach, while Trish is flirting. Yea, not a good way to start a new job. What turned into a way to get her father’s attention, wound up being something Trish never would have expected. The more time Trish spent with Levi the more her feelings grew for him and the more he pulled away. Levi tried to stay away from her but Trish has this pull to her that pulls them together at the worst times.

“I’m having a dinner date with one of my students. The same student that I made come in my classroom.”

They both have dreams; question is… Can they keep those dreams and be together? Will this forbidden love make it? I supposed you will have to read to find out.

“I nodded my head, giving my permission to his forbidden act. He was my teacher but in this moment none of that mattered to me, in the moment he was just Levi and I just Trish.”

This book is very well written and I would read any other book Heather Dahlgren and Ella Emerson would release. Heather and Ella took the Student/Teacher relationship and gave it their own twist to it. That did an amazing job at keeping me (the reader) entertained. I even cried at one point. I never expected that to happen. Oh hell I forgot to add there one major twist that I never saw coming. Also be prepared you get brought in while reading as if it is you going through this. With that being said I want to thank Heather and Ella for writing such an amazing story. Now after all this I have to sit and wait not so very patiently I shall add for Trish’s friend Kerrie’s book just so I can see what happens next!

“I want to own you completely so that you’ll never forget me.”