Vein Of Love

Vein Of Love - R. Scarlett Crystal's 3 Star Review
I just couldn’t get behind the whole premise of the story. Too much going on and not enough time for the author to clarify. I know that there is more in this series, but it was too much in one book. I liked it, but wasn’t wowed or anything. This is Molly and Tensley’s story. Molly, a daemon with the eyes to match has been betrothed to Tensley since she was a child. Only problem, Molly doesn’t know anything about it. Her parents have kept everything from her. Heading out on the night of her nineteenth birthday to a party thrown by friends, she doesn’t listen to her parents when they request she stays home.
When Tensley shows up and saves her from a gorgon (think Medusa), he has to explain things to her. Neither one is happy about the situation. Tensley’s happy (as happy as a demon can be) with his life and doesn’t need or want Molly. Molly doesn’t want to be around demons (well, who would). Finally it comes out that 300 years ago, an ancestor made a pact and the time has come to fulfill that end of the deal. A Daemon is a rare thing and now on top of running the family business, he has to worry about protecting Molly from the other creatures that go bump in the night until the wedding takes place.
I will be ready Body of Crime (Blackest Gold #2) next.